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GATE Electrical Engineering 2023 Online Coaching

GATE EE Online Coaching

Utilize Our Digital Resources to Crack the GATE EE Exam

VISHWA introduces an exciting way to prepare for the GATE 2023 EE Exam! Register in a SMART GATE program on our online platform, and save valuable money and time. Our comprehensive learning program covers all the topics in the GATE EE Exam.
Explore limitless learning possibilities with our lecture videos; students can learn anytime, anywhere, and watch the lectures any number of times. Whether you aim to try for PSU jobs or Master's admission into IITs, our SMART GATE coaching is an impeccable choice, as most of our students in the past have scored 70+ marks in the GATE EE Exam.

Take a look at our track record to know why you should choose VISHWA
A Great Deal of Students Trained Total Watch Time: 1105 We Have Produced Several AIR Holders
Plentiful Student Admissions in Top Universities (IIT, NIT, etc.) A Considerable Number of Public Sector Job Achievers Abundant Job Placements in Leading MNCs
Do you aspire to achieve a high rank in the GATE EE 2023 Exam? Register in our SMART GATE program to ace the GATE EE Exam and take your career to the next level.

GATE Electrical Engineering Online Learning Fee/Offer Details

Program Name GATE 2023 Fees GATE 2024 Fees
Valid Till March 1 2023 Valid Till March 1 2024
SMART GATE EE ₹ 22,500 ₹ 33,750

VISHWA – Top-notch GATE Coaching at Affordable Prices

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Why Should You Consider GATE Exam?

  • Master's Degree: Securing a high score in the GATE Exam will help you pursue a PG degree in top institutes like IITs, NITs, etc.
  • Exciting Job Prospects: A high rank in the GATE Exam opens up an array of job opportunities in public sectors and prime private firms and helps you earn a lucrative salary package.
  • Research Opportunities: Acing the GATE Exam can enable you to join Junior Research Fellowship Programs and earn a reasonable stipend during the research period.

Opt for VISHWA’s Expert Guidance & Achieve Top Ranks in the GATE EE Exam!

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SMART GATE EE - An Overview

VISHWA offers expertly crafted GATE online lecture videos and all-inclusive test series that have helped many students achieve a high GATE score. Our self-paced learning approach enables students to learn anywhere, anytime, at their convenient pace.
Self-studying for the GATE EE Exam can be hard, and some concepts like power systems can be tricky to understand. The lectures by expert instructors on our platform can help you master these difficult subjects. Our learning programs offer exclusive doubt clearing sessions and provide you with the necessary study tools to support your GATE EE Exam preparation.

VISHWA - All-Inclusive Online Coaching That Assure GATE EE Success!

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Features of Our SMART GATE EE Program

By registering in our SMART GATE EE program, you will learn:
  • How to solve complex problems.
  • How to manage time efficiently during the GATE EE Exam.
  • Smart study plans to prepare for GATE.
  • Easy methods to solve previous years’ GATE question papers.
  • Best order of subjects and revision strategies to prepare for GATE EE Exam.

Are you looking for online GATE EE coaching? Learn smart and grow smart with VISHWA’s online guidance!

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The Wide-Ranging Subjects Covered in Our GATE EE Program

All lectures in our GATE EE online coaching program are designed based on the GATE EE syllabus. Here are the topics covered in our GATE EE program:

The Array of Electrical Engineering Subjects Included in Our Program

S.No Subject Name No.of Videos Learning Content Hours
1 Engineering Mathematics 98 90 Hours
2 Analog Circuits 105 100 Hours
3 Digital Circuits 88 80 Hours
4 Network Theory 90 85 Hours
5 Signals and systems 84 75 Hours
6 Control Systems 74 70 Hours
7 EMF 56 50 Hours
8 Measurements 84 77 Hours
9 Power Electronics 131 120 Hours
10 Power Systems 78 70 Hours
11 Machines 135 125 Hours
12 General 188 163 Hours

Why Choose VISHWA

  • Voluminous Video Library: 1100+ hours of Ondemand lecture videos covering the entire GATE syllabus.
  • Encyclopedic Study Materials: Straightforward, easy to comprehend, and downloadable study materials.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: Our expert teachers ensure you never feel helpless during GATE EE prep. We offer exclusive doubt clearing sessions to clarify all your doubts.
  • Expansive Test Series: We provide 80+ subject-wise tests, 20+ mock tests, and 5+ grand test series.
  • Expert Teachers: Our lecture videos are produced by subject matter experts who have a plethora of experience in the engineering field.
  • All-Encompassing Q & A Bank: Top-drawer and error-free questions with solutions compiled by experts. Further, we provide 20+ previous years’ GATE question papers with solutions.

Enhance Your GATE Electrical Engineering Prep with Our SMART GATE Programs!

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Our AIR Holders

Study Tips & Tricks

Here are some top tips to qualify the GATE EE 2023 Exam
  • An Early Start is a Good Start: Do all you need to avoid last-minute preparation. Start your prep 6-8 months before the exam to give yourself enough time to cover the syllabus.
  • Examine the Syllabus: Analyze the GATE EE syllabus and exam pattern to identify the important subjects and prepare accordingly.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Take up mock tests and solve previous year questions to enhance your problem-solving skills.
  • Enroll in a GATE EE Online Class: Join a GATE EE coaching program to improve your chances of getting a high GATE score. Choose VISHWA’s online coaching to achieve success in the GATE EE Exam.

Choose VISHWA’s Expert Guidance to Master the GATE Exam!

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Student Testimonials

Hear what our learners say about our online coaching programs.
  • IMG

    M. Bharath AIR-44 (EEE)

    Online Tests of VISHWA helped me a lot to secure good score in GATE. Questions framed in online tests of VISHWA are very well organized. Practising them boosted my confidence.

Persuaded by our students’ reviews? Register now to gain access to lecture videos and other exciting features to succeed in the GATE EE Exam!

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Notification Details About GATE EE Exam

IIT Kanpur is expected to organize the GATE 2023 Electrical Engineering Exam. The organizing body will release the official GATE 2023 EE Exam notification in September 2022. GATE EE aspirants can register for the exam from the 1st week of September to the last week of September 2022. The GATE EE Exam is 3 hours long and comprises 65 questions. The EE paper includes 3 question types: MCQ, MSQ, and NAT. The GATE EE questions are from three sections: General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and core Electrical Engineering subjects.

Want to know more about GATE EE 2023? Discover all the relevant information about the GATE EE Exam here.

Need expert assistance during your GATE EE Exam prep? VISHWA is the way to go!
With our study tools, lecture videos, and test series, VISHWA is a one-stop shop to achieve top ranks in the GATE EE Exam!
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