6 Useful Tips to Avoid Distraction While Preparing for GATE Exam

  • 04 Apr, 2022
  • Gopi Krishnan
6 Useful Tips to Avoid Distraction While Preparing for GATE Exam

Say if you're studying dedicatedly for the GATE exam, there's a lot of chances you'll get distracted if you're on a boring or difficult topic. You start to see some random videos, shows, or movies using your phone or tab.

As GATE exam is one of the toughest competitive exams, students must concentrate and put their minds at peace to complete the whole syllabus. To achieve full-fledged concentration, it is essential to know how to avoid distraction.

This blog walks you through some important tips to help you avoid distractions and prepare better.

1. Limiting your access from mobile usage

One of the most distracting sources you have around is Mobile. Once you have started to check your mobile phone for less than 10 minutes, you might end up focusing on them for over 2 to 3 hours straight. These 2 to 3 hours would be much helpful if you have focused on preparing a study plan or completing the concepts of the GATE exam.

While this device is being a distraction to you, you can transfer the device into a resourceful one such as downloading the syllabus and maintaining notes for various subjects like Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, and Civil to study effectively from your phone.

2. How to stay away from social media?

There are many social media platforms trending day by day such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Statistics shows that there are 4.48 billion of people who are actively on social media. It is obvious that social media attracts many people.

Best option would be to switch off your data or Wi-Fi options. This can reduce the number of times you use social media platforms, since each time a notification pings, you've the urge to pick the phone. This kind of practice can help you save valuable time spent on unnecessary timeline scrolling and much avoidable chats.

3. Laptops are resource too

Though laptops are advantageous and important in everyone's lives, it is equally a distracting equipment while preparing for the GATE exam. Watching one or two videos makes you want to watch more, resulting in you being hooked up to enjoying cute pet videos or your favorite series at 3 am in the morning.

You can make your laptop your study buddy. Instead of watching so many YouTube videos, try to subscribe to a useful source or an online coaching institute like VISHWA. This works best when you're scrolling through YouTube, and you see updates and pop-ups from those educational channels you subscribed to earlier. A trick like this might guilt-trip you and helps restrain yourself from watching never-ending entertainment videos.

You can even schedule your time to take online classes for GATE exam preparation. Many institutes offer on-demand or live online classes, and you can choose a format at your convenience. This is to keep you occupied in your free time or the time you'll likely spend on watching videos or playing games with your PC.

4. Social gatherings and parties - a break or distraction?

When your relatives or friends give a visit to your home inviting you for gatherings or parties, you tend to spend time with them and enjoy the party. Keeping your mind at peace is important, it is even more important to plan your schedule, prepare, and revise thoroughly for the GATE exam 2023. People visiting your home is unavoidable, but you can still manage if you choose interesting topics to study.

You can try to start with numerical ability, verbal ability, aptitude question, and the like. As these include word groups, sentence completion, and numerical estimation, it would help you engage and relax to solve the answers or even more interesting would be to gather your study materials, meaning you don't need to study but get your inputs for the exam prep. You can even do this while you're at a social gathering and it's a win-win!

Obviously, social gatherings and meeting your friends is not a distraction and can be treated as a break under a busy studying schedule.

5. A healthy sleep cycle

Having a good night's sleep is essential to enhance your knowledge retention and reduce stress. But dozing off to sleep while preparing for the GATE exam would probably consume all your time and effort. Usually, late-night studying makes you feel sleepy in the morning. So, plan and organize your study time in the daytime.

If you're a night owl, studying in the daytime might not be feasible. However, if you choose to study at night, ensure you sleep around 11-12 pm, as it can help you have a good sleep and wake up at a considerable time in the morning.

Taking necessary breaks in between your study time helps you feel focused. Manage your sleep cycle well and make sure to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

6. Move away from television

Television will be your best friend as it offers a variety of shows, movies, and fun. It is not only limited to that, but the new technology also offers you access to several OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, and more. With these varieties of platforms, you will easily be distracted while preparing for the GATE Exam.

If you're studying at your home, try to select a room or place that doesn't have a TV. It doesn't mean you have to entirely stop watching TV, but you need to set a timer for spending your time hovering at channels.

Over to you

Don't blame the distractions, improve your focus!

Though avoiding distraction is difficult, it can be sorted if you have played the part well. We believe these suggested tips can help you to get away from distractions and keep your concentration intact.

Are you preparing for the GATE exam and can't tackle distractions? We, at VISHWA, offer comprehensive prep courses to help you keep engaged until you pass the exam. Our experts know how our students' minds work, and we schedule classes accordingly that fit your study schedule.

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