Top 7 Myths About the GATE Exam

  • 28 Mar, 2022
  • Sudarshan Thiyagarajan
Top 7 Myths About the GATE Exam

When it comes to preparing for competitive exams, people are often taken aback by the difficulty level of the exam, and their apprehensions give rise to several myths; the same applies to the GATE Exam. Numerous myths surround the GATE Exam; while some may be genuine concerns, most of them are hoax stories. In this blog, we will analyze some myths about the GATE Exam and provide reasons as to why candidates should not worry about it.

1. GATE is Extremely Tough

Candidates often perceive the GATE Exam as an unduly difficult test, and students with average grades cannot score high in the exam. However, all exams are challenging if you do not go in well prepared. This may sound cliched, but it is the truth. Every year many students achieve good scores in the GATE exam and get into premium universities & PSU jobs, implying that the GATE exam is not an impossible task. Although the success ratio is not too high, you can still score good marks if you have a sound preparation strategy. Do not be discouraged by the narratives about the GATE difficulty level. Focus on your study plan rather than the difficulty, to get a good GATE score.

2. You Need to Cover the Entire Syllabus

Another myth is that you need to cover all the topics in the GATE syllabus for high grades. If you are aiming to only get a decent score, you can skip some sections and focus more on the important topics and still achieve a good GATE score. There are several topics in GATE, but not all topics carry equal weightage. So, if you only want a par score in GATE, identify the highest weightage sections and concentrate more on them.

3. Attempting Maximum Questions Will Fetch You a High Score

The GATE Exam has a total of 65 questions. Usually, the candidates think attempting more queries will earn them more marks.

The more, the merrier, right? Well, that is not the case in the GATE Exam.

Remember, the GATE Exam has negative marking, so if you attempt the maximum questions, you run the risk of losing out on marks. Please ensure you spend time on only the questions you are confident about solving. Do not attempt problems just for the sake of it, as it will only result in you losing marks. Spending more time on your proficient subjects will likely help you score more in the GATE Exam 2023.

4. It Is Beneficial to Have Multiple Reference Books

Another misconception among students is, using multiple books for reference will boost your GATE score. The GATE syllabus is extensive and comprises several topics and sub-sections, and often, candidates stack up a lot of books to read these topics. However, having many books will act as a hindrance in your preparation. Studying the same concepts from multiple books takes up more time and lacks clarity and coherence. Also, from a financial point of view, you will end up wasting your money on sub-par resources.

To make your GATE preparation more effective, stick to one or a maximum of two books. There are many comprehensive GATE books available in the market, hit the web to find the best-rated, recommended books.

5. Only Students from IIT's & NIT's Get Through GATE Exam

This is one of the rumors that stop many from applying for the GATE Exam. In the past, we have seen candidates from second-or third-tier colleges make it to the top GATE rankings. There have also been cases of moderate students in college education scoring high in the GATE Exam. The deciding factors in GATE preparation are your dedication, sincerity, focus, and not your college or your CGPA. So, do not let this myth discourage you from appearing for the GATE Exam.

6. You Don't Need Expert Guidance for the GATE Exam

While this is not entirely false, completely ruling out the impact of coaching classes is not fair. Joining an online GATE course and opting for expert guidance can significantly boost your GATE Exam score. Experienced instructors can help you complete the syllabus, choose the right books, give valuable tips, and more. Further, tutors will help you understand complex concepts and solve problems with a higher degree of difficulty.

7. Studying the Entire Night Before the Exam Will Help You Remember Everything

This is another myth that you need to steer clear of at all costs. We suggest you take things easy during the final few days of preparation. Just revise the topics, formulas, etc. It is important you do not stay up late the night before the exam, go to bed early on that day, and be confident you have the technical knowledge to achieve a good score.

Takeaway Thoughts

We hope this article sheds some light on the misinformation surrounding the GATE Exam. Don't fall for these false narratives and lose motivation; stay focused, develop a solid preparation strategy, and believe you have what it takes. Join a GATE course to improve your chances of achieving a high rank in the GATE Exam.

Good luck with the exam!

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