Things You Need to Know That Will Change the Perspective Towards GATE Computer Science Exam

  • 14 Mar, 2022
  • Sandhya S
Things You Need to Know That Will Change the Perspective Towards GATE Computer Science Exam

Students who desire to get admissions in reputed institutions like IIT or placed in a product-based company expect the GATE Computer Science exam to be challenging. Although the exam can seem difficult, a dedicated preparation can help you ace the exam.

That said, getting great scores in the GATE Computer Science exam provides lot more benefits that you expect. This blog attempts to change your perception on GATE Computer Science exam. Without a further delay, let's get right into it.

1. Acing the GATE Computer Science Exam is not impossible

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Exam is a national level examination conducted for engineering courses conducted jointly by IISC, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Roorkee, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Guwahati, and Chennai.

Although passing the exam is not as tough as it seems, getting a high score in the exam is a totally different scenario. Like other branches, computer science exam also requires students to prepare the best. With a proper study plan, time, effort, and a hint of smart work, GATE CS exam can be made easier to master.

2. No Pointer Requirement

To attempt the GATE CS Exam, there is no qualifying mark or criteria, i.e., minimum of certain percentage that the candidate should have. So, the candidates from all over the world can actively participate this exam without worrying about eligibility criteria.

3. Anyone Can Crack the Exam

There's always a myth around GATE exams that only students from premium institutions like IITs, NITs, etc. Many toppers arise from tier II and III colleges. Even students who didn't pass the final year managed to get into top ranks of the GATE exams. So, don't give up by just hearing these myths and consider the exam as a good chance to win places at reputed institutions.

4. Repetition of Concepts

Some concepts often repeat in the GATE CS exam. So, studying the previous year questions should also be your priority. While preparing your study plan, make sure to allot separate time to study previous year question.

Prepare a set of timetables at the earlier stage of your preparation to understand the concepts. When you are hardly 1 month away from your exam, prepare an exclusive chart for revision. By doing this, you can easily identify the concepts that are repeated in previous years' question papers.

5. You can opt for Higher Education

If you have cleared the GATE CS exam with an excellent score, you can pursue M. Tech or M. E in any of the eminent institutions like IIT, NIT, or IISC. If the candidates have acquired good score on the GATE, they will be paid a monthly bursary for their degree. On the successful completion of your master's, you will have plethora of job opportunities with humongous packages from the companies.

If you desire to pursue your higher education from overseas, you can easily get shortlisted with the good score of the exam. If your rank is 90 or above, you will get admissions from National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

6. Increasing Your Chances at Getting Decent Job Placements

Through an astounding score, candidates can secure jobs in government sector. If you want your career option to be in a private firm, you can choose your favorite product-based company as well. Some product-based private companies also recruit based on GATE scores. Working in Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Tata, Maruti, and Cisco with lucrative salary package will not only help you lead an affluent life but also get good opportunity in gaining knowledge with industry lead experts.

7. Research Fellowships

Among the many benefits, acing the GATE CS exam also offers you with research fellowship options. Qualified candidates can try for Junior Research Fellowship, Senior Research Fellowship, etc. The fellowship also comes with a handsome stipend when you pursue the research in CSIR laboratories.

8. Access to Grants from Institutions

Once you get into an educational institution like BARC, you can have access to allowance of Rs.15000-25000 based on your qualifying GATE cutoff scores and stream of study. Hence, mastering the GATE exam not only gets you placed in good universities but also provides you with payments and grants.

9. A Job in Educational Institutions

If you aspire to become a professor or an educator, you always have the choice of getting into good institutions with your GATE scores. After you've completed your master's degree, you can apply for Junior or Assistant Professor jobs in esteemed institutions.

Take Away

What you see depends not only on what you look at, but also on where you look from

Now you know that acing the GATE CS exam is not tough and brings more benefits, prepare for the exam with confidence. GATE is gateway to many educational and career options. All you have to do is decide the path to choose. But bear in mind that GATE Computer Science is one of the first-class exams to attempt.

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