Top 5 Things to Do After Attempting GATE Mock Tests

  • 21 Mar, 2022
  • Sudarshan T
Top 5 Things to Do After Attempting GATE Mock Tests

"Practice makes perfect, and you will learn and find solutions in ways you never imagined possible." - Jo Bradford.

Are you preparing for the GATE 2023 Exam? Taking up GATE mock tests is paramount when it comes to achieving a high GATE 2023 Exam score. Just reading through books is not enough; you have to take mock tests to become more adept in engineering concepts. Read on to learn more about GATE mock tests and the 5 things candidates should do after attempting practice tests.

1. What is a GATE Mock Exam?

GATE mock exams are essentially practice tests that serve the purpose of helping the candidates to become familiarized with the actual GATE Exam pattern and difficulty level of questions.

2. Why Take the GATE Mock Tests?

You may ask, why should I spend time on these tests when I can rather focus on studying? Well, let us assume you are in the Indian world cup team; do you just head into a game, or do you participate in practice sessions before a game? The second option sounds like a wise thing to do, right? The same applies to GATE Exam. Taking practice tests can help you perfect your problem-solving skills and become confident to take the actual GATE Exam. The more practice tests you take, the better your chances of a high GATE 2023 score.

Mock tests will help you assess:

  • Have you prepared well for GATE 2023?
  • Are you ready to take the GATE Exam?
  • Can you manage your exam time effectively?
  • What are your stronger & weaker subject areas?
  • What are the topics you should focus more on?

3. Top 5 Things to Do After Taking Practice Tests

You may wonder, okay, I have taken some mock tests, so what next? Here are a few things you can do after attempting practice tests to bolster your GATE 2023 Exam preparation.

3.1. Recognize Your Shortcomings

After you complete a practice exam, assess the following:

  • The average time taken to solve each query - were you able to complete the test within the time limit?
  • Find the sections where you performed poorly. Determine what caused the inferior performance and whether you need to spend more time on this subject.
  • In future tests, check if you are making the same mistakes.

3.2. Identify Your Areas of Strengths & Weaknesses

Once you have attempted multiple practice tests and analyzed your mistakes, you will get a clear picture of your stronger and weaker subject areas. Make adjustments in your study plan based on these findings. Revisit your stronger topics every few days and spend more time on your relatively weaker concepts. Practicing more will help you expand your knowledge and perform well in the actual GATE Exam.

3.3. Compare Your Score After Each Test

After every test, compare the latest score with the previous mock test's score. If you are consistently performing better than your earlier tests, you are on track to success.

If you have a friend who is also appearing for the GATE 2023 Exam, compare each other's performance across each test. This element of competition motivates you to do better in the future mock exams and eventually in the actual GATE Exam.

3.4. Evaluate Your Level of Exam Readiness

Post the analysis of each mock test, you will become more acquainted with the exam pattern, syllabus, type of questions, and difficulty level. When the GATE 2023 Exam date is approaching, you should have an idea of your level of preparation and where you could lose marks. Decide whether you have enough time to revise each topic before the exam and which topics need more attention even after appearing for multiple practice exams. Take a mock exam a week or 10 days before the GATE 2023 Exam, which should give you an idea of where you stand in terms of cracking the GATE Exam.

3.5. Devise a Test-Taking Strategy

It is the last and the most important thing to do after taking several practice tests. After all the evaluation and assessment are done, develop a test-taking strategy. By this point, you would know: what are your weak areas, which sections take more time, the easy topics, difficult questions, time-consuming problems, etc. Use this acquired knowledge to create a strategy that suits you well. To give you some examples:

  • You can prioritize attempting the easy questions first during the GATE Exam to ensure you do not miss out on them due to time limitations.
  • You can decide to skip difficult questions from a particular subject, as giving a wrong answer leads to negative marks and a waste of problem-solving time.
  • You can choose to go for your more adept topics first, irrespective of the difficulty level, as solving the well-versed sections first boosts your confidence and helps you score high in GATE 2023.

4. Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article helps you get the hang of the importance of mock exams in GATE Exam preparation and the activities to do after attempting practice tests. You can find several practice exams online. However, finding subject-wise practice tests can be hard, so consider joining an online course from VISHWA, where you get the best of both worlds: Expert GATE 2023 coaching & subject-wise practice exams.

Good luck with the GATE 2023 Exam!

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