Knowing these five secrets will make your GATE 2023 cutoff look amazing

  • 11 Jul, 2022
  • Sandhya S
Knowing these five secrets will make your GATE 2023 cutoff look amazing


The pressure for scoring high in the GATE exam is exceptionally high for the aspirants. Each point in the cutoff matters a lot as it considerably impacts the rankings and eventually on the colleges that the aspirants land in. Aspirants who take up the GATE exam have their eyes on the seats in IITs and NITs. An average of 10 lakh aspirants take the GATE exam every year, and they fight for a meager 11000 to 12000 seats in the IITs and NITs for post-graduation. This is the fierceness of the competition in the GATE landscape, making GATE an extremely important exam in India.


     The blog covers:

     1. Why is the GATE exam essential? 
     2. What are the benefits of writing the GATE exam? 
     3. Five secrets that will make your GATE 2023 cutoff look amazing. 
        3.1 The mental preparedness and motivation 
        3.2 Understanding your exam pattern, syllabus, and weightage 
        3.3 A rock-solid preparation plan with enough revision plans 
        3.4 Taking up mock exams 
        3.5 Trained in using your resources 
      4. The importance of joining a course 
      5. About VISHWA


  1. Why is the GATE exam essential?

    As mentioned above, the GATE exam is taken up by individuals to pursue their post-graduation in universities and colleges that are filled through GATE. It is the equivalent of JEE for post-graduation studies in India, and it is one of the most popular exams for post-graduation. Aspirants taking the GATE exam aim to rank higher and land a seat in IITs and NITs. Pursuing a post-graduation degree in reputed universities after GATE exceptionally kickstarts and improves students' careers.

  2. What are the benefits of writing the GATE exam?

    The primary benefit is to complete post-graduation in reputed universities and get placed with hefty pay packages while in college. Apart from that, there are many other reasons why people take up GATE exams. Acquiring in-depth subject knowledge, getting fellowships in research institutions, studying abroad, and getting placed in PSUs are other reasons why people take up GATE exams. Read this document to know more about why people take up GATE exams.

  3. Five secrets that will make your GATE 2023 cutoff look amazing.

    The number of people taking up the GATE exam versus the number of people getting a seat through GATE gives credence to the situation in the ecosystem. It is a highly competitive exam that will change the fate of any individual with just one decimal in the cutoff. We will have a separate article explaining how the cutoff is calculated for the GATE exam. But let us know the "secrets" that will make your GATE 2023 cutoff look amazing.

    Objectively speaking, no secret sauce will magically increase your GATE scores. As far as the GATE exam is concerned, there is no shortcut to success. The only magic or the secret that will make your GATE score look amazing is your commitment, effort, smart work, and strategy.

    Let us take a look at 5 "secrets" that will invariably help you drastically increase your cutoff for the year 2023

    • 3.1  The mental preparedness and motivation

      It has to be agreed that the GATE exam is challenging. The preparation for the GATE exam is also very tough when done independently. It is a rough journey that has to be endured by every aspirant with a laser-sharp focus on the destination and exceptional effort. To achieve this, all the aspirants should mentally prepare themselves before embarking on this journey. This mental preparedness will keep you motivated throughout your preparation plan until you reach the final destination.

    • 3.2  Understanding your exam pattern, syllabus, and weightage

      We have talked about commitment and effort. Now, it is time to discuss the smart work and strategies to optimize your preparation. Every GATE aspirant committed to getting a seat in IIT or NIT should thoroughly understand the GATE exam pattern, syllabus for the subject, and the weightage decided by GATE for each topic under the subject. Analyzing these items will help students prioritize things in preparation. This defines the preparation and acts as the starting point in your road ahead.

      These are not shortcuts but are the right way to strategize your preparation and make the most out of it within a shorter period.

    • 3.3  A rock-solid preparation plan with enough revision plans

      Based on the insights from the exam pattern analysis, you can begin to chart your preparation plan with priorities and areas of comfort. You can start with preparing the most comfortable topics to boost your confidence and approach the other areas to make considerable gains in preparation. The most important thing about preparation is that you need to have ample time for revisions. Individuals who revise the prepared subject at least three times before taking the exam have higher chances of improving the cutoff.

    • 3.4  Taking up mock exams

      It is not only the preparation that makes us stronger but the ability to test ourselves frequently to understand our stance. No matter how hard we prepare for the exam, only a mock exam can accurately assess our stance in the preparation. This will give considerable insights into our preparation and identify our weakest areas beforehand. Apart from that, it unearths the challenges you may face in the exam, letting you correct your mistakes in advance. It is always better to take up as many mock tests as possible to avoid taking up the actual GATE exam more than once.

    • 3.5  Trained in using your resources

      There are many physical and digital resources that we come across to use for the GATE exam preparation and the exam. For example, using the virtual calculator, the paper for rough use, the pencils, pens, etc. Make sure you are using resources that you are well versed with instead of using new items on the exam day. There should not be any resource you are using for the first time in the exam. Awareness of these items will reduce your exam anxiety and help you perform better in the exam, adding to your cutoffs.

  4. The importance of joining a course.

    While there may not be a secret sauce for effortless GATE success, there is a catalyst to accelerate your preparation and improve your GATE scores. That is none other than the GATE coaching that you will be joining to crack the exam. The perfect GATE course will be your comprehensive guide and source of reference for any clarification concerning the exam.

  5. About VISHWA.

    VISHWA is an online GATE exam institution that follows a scientific way of approaching GATE exam preparation. VISHWA offers different variants of GATE courses for each discipline that suits the requirements of the students. The course modules from VISHWA will be your go-to reference for GATE exam preparation. Collaborating with VISHWA will drastically improve your chances of enhancing your cutoffs with proven learning methods. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we offer value in GATE preparation and lead to amazing cutoffs.

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