7 Common Mistakes Made During GATE CSE Exam Preparation

  • 12 Sep, 2022
  • Sandhya S
7 Common Mistakes Made During GATE CSE Exam Preparation

Every year, lakhs of students participate in GATE Computer Science, but only a few achieve success. What might be the reason? A slight mistake can break the entire preparation process.
In the article, we've discussed some common mistakes students make.

1. Starting Preparation for GATE CS Exam without Analyzing

Many candidates proceed with their prep without analyzing the GATE CS syllabus. Before starting your preparation, a detailed study of the GATE CS exam pattern, syllabus, and high-priority concepts is crucial.

One must analyze previous paper trends to approach the topics. In addition to that, the identification of stronger and weaker sections will allow you to prepare better.

2. Improper Prioritization

One of the other mistakes made is the improper prioritization of the concepts. Check the topic-wise weightage list



Engineering Mathematics


General Aptitude


Programming & Data Structures




Computer Organization & Architecture


Computer Networks




Operating System


Theory of computation


Digital Logic


Compiler Design


Web Technology


Go through each concept's weightage from the table and prioritize the topics accordingly. The General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics should be on your top list to secure top marks. Take care of the least priority topics at the end and ensure to study them completely.

3. Unverified Study Resources

One must opt for appropriate study materials rather than purchasing unverified books. After checking the credibility, you can refer to multiple books to study the syllabus. Students can get guidance from professionals to ensure correct learning. Here are some of the credible resources.






Thomas H. Cormen

Operating System Concepts


C Programming language

Dennis M. Ritchie

Database System


Computer Networks

James F. Kurose

4. Neglecting GATE CS Topics

Students should not neglect any topics as it is an important part of the preparation schedule. Often, they tend to leave fewer weightage chapters for last-minute preparation but end up ignoring them, losing track of time.

Digital Logic


Compiler Design


Web Technology


So, make sure to allot sufficient time and study these areas as well. These chapters are equally important for the exam.

5. Lack of Practice

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Lack of practice is the most common mistake made by most students, which plays a crucial role in slowing down exam preparation. The more you practice the GATE CS topics, the better will be your probability of getting top scores.
Usually, we tend to practice less the well-known topics. Last-minute preparation will come in handy only when all the topics are very well known. Practicing more helps to improve your problem-solving skills and increase your speed.

6. Ignoring Previous Year's Paper

Candidates might not get a decent score if they avoid practicing previous year's papers. Practicing the past year's papers helps not only to know the GATE computer science exam pattern and frequently asked concepts but also to understand the types of questions that arise in the exam.
Other than this, solving the GATE CS previous question paper improves time management skills and identifies problematic areas that need more attention.

7. Poor Revision Plan

Students plan their preparation schedule, making no room for revision in the end. Instead, they need to revise at regular intervals to increase prep progress.
For example, you can follow these 30 days revision planner.

Number of hours to revise per day

4-5 hours

Number of chapters to be revised per day

1 Say (Programming and Data Structures)

Complete the total revision in

15 days

Mocks tests/ Practice tests

14 days

Last Minute Revision

1 day


From this article, you'll know some of the frequent mistakes made during exam preparation. Make sure to avoid these mistakes and study for GATE CS Exam with a well-structured preparation strategy and excel in the exam.
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