Knowing the best books for preparation for the GATE Civil Engineering exam

  • 18 Jul, 2022
  • Sudarshan T
Knowing the best books for preparation for the GATE Civil Engineering exam


Deciding to pursue a Master's in Civil Engineering is a perfect thing for peers who are highly passionate about Civil Engineering. Ascending to the Master's degree will open up new avenues in the subject and teach you in-depth concepts compared to your bachelor's. Aspirants must clear the GATE Civil CE exam to pursue their Master's dream. It is everyone's dream to get a seat in the IIT or an NIT to have better prospects of learning and career.

Let's explore the right set of books for an effective GATE Civil exam preparation.

In addition to exceptional commitment and focus, there is one most important thing that every aspirant should have: The right set of books for GATE Civil exam preparation. Beyond all the strategy, preparation framework, and the will to ace the exam, the right books will propel your Master's journey with ease.

1. Books beyond Engineering

Aspirants for the GATE civil exam are young and should begin exploring the world of books beyond engineering to discover hidden gems that will help in preparation. Aspirants may think that GATE is all about engineering that you have learned in UG. But the wings of GATE stretch far beyond the conventional UG courses. To become a Master in the literal sense, you need to have the exploratory mindset to acquire knowledge. And this is where it begins.

2. The syllabus is your first book.

Any long journey to pursue something great starts from home. Likewise, your search for the right set of books needs to begin from the syllabus. Cracking the GATE Civil exam will take more than a bunch of books. You may not need all the knowledge any book has to offer, but only specific parts of it that are relevant for the GATE Civil exam. The GATE exam syllabus will only tell you what is appropriate and what is not for the exam preparation

3. How to find the right books?

As mentioned above, aspirants need to have an exploratory mindset before beginning to look for books. You need to land on the right choices of books based on extensive research from your fellow aspirants, friends, the Internet, and a lot more. You can go ahead and join forums and communities that comprise individuals who have cracked their GATE Civil Exam. Their research for finding the right set of books might be of great help to you.

4. Books based on the subjects

Books for the GATE Civil exam preparation are segmented based on the subjects and topics mentioned in the syllabus. And hence, it is essential for the aspirants to refer to the best books for each subject. Below is a list of the best books that are being used by aspirants to have a better chance at cracking the exam.

Strength of Materials

  • Strength of Materials by U.C Jindal, Edition: 2nd
  • Strength of Materials /Mechanics of Structure, Gare & Timoshenko, E.Popove, L. Singer, B.C. Punamia

Water Resources Engineering

  • Water Resources by S K Garg
  • Water and Waste Water by SK Garg 1 and 2
  • Fluid Mechanics- RK Bansal and Fox, and Richard

Structural Analysis

  • Basic Structural Analysis by C.S.Reddy, Edition: 3rd
  • Theory of Structures/ Analysis of Structure, S. Ramamurtham, L.S. Negi & Jangit, Gupta & Pandit, C.S. Reddy

Railway Engineering

  • Railway Engineering, Saxena & Arora

R.C.C Design

  • R.C.C. Designs (Reinforced Concrete Structures) by B.C.Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun Jain Edition: 3rd

Transportation Engineering

  • Transportation by Justo Khanna

Design Of Steel Structures

  • Design Of Steel Structures by S.K Duggal Edition: 3rd

Geomatics Engineering

  • Surveying (vol. 1,2,3) by B.C.Punmia, Ashok Jain, Arun Jain

Environmental Engineering

  • Water Supply Engineering (Environmental Engineering Vol.1) by S.K Duggal Edition: 28th
  • Sewage Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering ( Environmental Engineering Vol. 2) by S.K Duggal Edition: 3rd
  • Environmental Engineering by S. K. Garg Part I & Part II
  • Waste Water Engineering by B. C. Punmia Part I & Part II

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Soil Mechanics by Gopal Ranjan & Rao, Venkat Ramaiha, S. K. Garg,
  • B.C. Punamia, V N S Murthy

Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering

  • Basics and Applied Soil mechanics by Gopal Ranjan, A.S.R.Rao Edition: 2nd

Steel Design

  • Steel Design by H J Shah, B.C. Punamia, A.K. Jain

Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines

  • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics by Dr. P.N.Modi, Dr.S.M Seth Edition: 14th

Structural Engineering

  • Theory of Structure by CK Wang, S. Rammamrutham, L.S. Negi & Jangit
  • Theory of Elasticity by Timoshenko & Gere
  • Theory of Structure by Wilbur & Norris
  • Strength of Materials/Mechanics of Structure by Gere & Timoshenko, E. Popove, L. Singer, B.C. Punamia,Rammamrutham

Highway Engineering

  • Highway Engineering by S.K.Khanna, C.E.G.Justo

Plastic Analysis

  • Plastic Analysis by Manicka Selvam


  • Surveying (vol. 1,2,3) by B.C.Punia, Ashok Jain, Arun Jain

Docks and Harbours

  • Docks and Harbours by Rangwala

Engineering Hydrology

  • Engineering Hydrology by K Subramanya, Edition: 4th

Airport Engineering

  • Airport Engineering by Saxena and Arora

Irrigation Engineering

  • Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by S.K Garg, Edition: 1st

Engineering Mathematics

  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by B. S. Grewal, Edition: 43
  • Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig


  • A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal, Edition: Revised
  • Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal, Edition: 7

5. Other Resources

Education of any kind is no longer restricted only to books today. The world of education is much open, and there are numerous resources beyond books to prepare for the GATE exam. The Internet is the best place to find all the resources necessary to prepare for the GATE Civil exam. There are zillions of resources to learn in the form of people, text, podcasts, videos, and much more. Our research skills are the limit.

6. About VISHWA

Doing this extensive research for learning materials on one's own can be tedious. What if there is someone who has done all the research, found all the right books, aligned them with the syllabus, and provide them as extensive video tutorials.

VISHWA is an institution that offers extensive video tutorials as courses for the preparation for GATE Civil exam. VISHWA offers SMART GATE 2023 Civil Engineering course and SMART GATE 2024 Civil Engineering course. Get in touch with us to learn more about our courses and how we eliminate your search for books.

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