List of Best Books for GATE ECE Exam Preparation

  • 22 Aug, 2022
  • Sudharshan T
List of Best Books for GATE ECE Exam Preparation

Candidates preparing for their GATE ECE exam must be looking for some best books to crack the exam. In addition, choosing the correct set of books helps candidates to enhance their understanding of concepts in depth.

In this article, we have collected a list of the top study and reference books that one must follow to optimize their GATE ECE exam preparation. These suggested books cover the simplest to complex concepts. Let's get started!

1. GATE ECE Exam Syllabus

Students can go through the syllabus as it helps them strengthen their preparation and focus on the topics with the highest mark weightage. You can refer to the table below to know the concepts covered under each section.

GATE ECE Sections


Engineering Mathematics

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Partial Differential Equation, Ordinary Differential Equation, Probability, and Statistics.

Networks, Signals, and Systems

Continuous-time Signals, Discrete-time Signals, Circuit Analysis.

Electronic Devices

Basic Electronics Engineering, Integrated Circuit Components, Integrated Circuit Fabrication Process, Materials, and Components, Carrier Transport, Semiconductors.

Analog Circuits

BJT & MOSFET Amplifiers, Circuit Analysis, Diode Circuits, Power Supplies, Timers and Filters, Oscillators, Op-amp Circuits, Amplifiers.

Digital Circuits

Combinatorial Circuits, Sequential Circuits, Number Representations, Computer Organization, Semiconductor Memories, Data Converters.

Control Systems

Frequency Response, Basic Control System Components, Transient and Steady-state Analysis of LTI Systems, Routh-Hurwitz & Nyquist Stability Criteria.


Information Theory, Analog Communications, Digital Communications, Random Processes, Hamming Codes, Fundamentals of Error Correction, CRC.


Plane Waves and Properties, Maxwell's Equation, Transmission Lines.

2. Suggested Books for GATE ECE Exam

Candidates can check the list of preparation books for the GATE ECE Exam. This helps you to prepare more diligently for the exam. You can check the high-weightage concepts from these books and study them thoroughly to master the exam.




Control System

Control Systems Engineering

Norma Nise

Modern Control System

Katsuhiko Ogata

Automatic Control Systems

Benjamin C Kuo

NPTEL Video lectures

M. Gopal

Control Systems

Nagarath and Gopal


Electronic Communication Systems

Kennedy and Davis

Modern digital and analog communications system

BP Lathi

Principle of Communication System

Taub& Schillings


Antenna Theory


Elements of Electromagnetics

Matthew N.O. Sadiku

Antenna And Wave Propagation

KD Prasad

Schaum's Outline of Electromagnetics

Joseph A Edminister

Engineering Electromagnetics

William Hayt

Electromagnetic waves and Radiating Systems

Jordon and Balmain

Network lines and fields

J.D Ryder

Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics

Dr. BS Grewal

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Dr. HK Dass & R. K. Jain

Engineering Mathematics

Erwin Kreyszig

General Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude

R. S. Agarwal

Objective English

Hari Mohan Prasad

Quantitative Aptitude

Arun Sharma

Network Theory

Linear Circuit Analysis

De Carlo/Lin

Circuit Theory

A. Chakraborty

Engineering Circuit Analysis

Hayt & Kammerly

Network Analysis

Van Valkenburg

Network Theory

Alexander Sadiku

Electronic Devices

DC Analysis of MOS Transistor


Solid State Electronic Devices

Ben Streetman and Sanjay Banerjee

Semiconductor devices

David Neamen

Integrated Electronics

Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias

Semiconductor devices

S. M. Sze

Analog Circuits

Pulse and Digital Electronics

Millman and Taub

Electronic Circuits

Schilling and Belove

Microelectronic Circuits

Sedra, Smith

Digital Circuits

Fundamentals of digital systems

Anand Kumar

Digital Systems, Principles, and Applications


Modern Digital Electronics

R. P. Jain

Digital Electronics

Morris Mano

System & Signal

Communications system

BP Lathi

Digital Signal Processing

S.K Mitra

Signals & Systems

Alan V. Oppenheim, S. Hamid Nawab

3. Factors Considered for Selection of the Best Books

Some factors must be considered to choose suitable books for GATE ECE. Students can check for the features from the below points to know about the books they should consider settling with.

  • Concise Information

    The books must have a lot of information to prepare for the GATE ECE Exam. And the data should be exact, brief, and must not be dragged with a lengthy explanation. Books with such concise information should be preferred as they'll save you ample time.

  • Simple Language

    The book must use simple language to explain the whole syllabus. If the author of the book uses a vocabulary that is a bit difficult to understand by students, the exam preparation process may end up in vain. So, one must select a book that has a simpler language.

  • High Level of Understanding

    Another important factor is that the book must be easily understandable. It can also contain specific examples to learn the topic better. Therefore, one must select the book that explains even complex concepts thoroughly to give a deeper understanding.

  • Pictorial Representation

    Aside from all these factors, pictorial representation is also an essential factor that needs to be noted. If the relevant topic of the book has a visual representation, it helps the students to understand the concept quickly and effectively.

4. How Will These Books Help in the GATE Exam Preparation?

With the help of GATE ECE books, you can prepare for topics from easy to difficult ones. Apart from the explanation of concepts, the book has a set of practice questions and a list of the previous year's exam papers to enhance your preparation. In addition, some books may have mark weightage listed in a separate area, which becomes easy for students to mark down the chapters and study.

Over to You

From this article, you will know the list of best/recommended books that can be chosen to prepare for the GATE ECE exam. Get the best books and start your preparation early. In addition, you can also allot quality time to solve the online test series for GATE ECE.

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