How to Prepare for GATE ECE 2022 Without Coaching?

  • 05 Sep, 2022
  • Ashvini
How to Prepare for GATE ECE 2022 Without Coaching?

Most candidates join coaching institutes to prepare for the GATE ECE exam. Coaching is considered the top criterion for exam preparation, but in recent times, there is a shift in perspective. Most GATE toppers nowadays rely on self-preparation.
So how to master the GATE ECE 2022 exam without coaching? This article has important techniques to prepare for the GATE ECE exam.

1. Techniques to Crack GATE ECE Exam without Coaching

Here are a few techniques to keep in mind before starting your preparation. Utilize this resource and follow them effectively.

1.1 GATE ECE 2022 Exam Pattern

The GATE ECE exam is an online exam held for 3 hours. There will be 3 sections: General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and ECE Concepts. You will be asked these three types of questions for 100 marks.

  • Multiple Choice Question
  • Multiple Select Question
  • Numerical Answer Type Question

The question and mark weightage are described in the below table.

Exam Sections

Total Number of Questions

Total Marks

General Aptitude



Engineering Mathematics



ECE Concepts






1.2 Utilize GATE ECE Syllabus

It is essential to know the syllabus before starting your preparation. Irrespective of the discipline, there are two mandatory sections - General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics. The GATE ECE 2022 syllabus has 9 sections.

  • General Aptitude
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Networks, Signals, and Systems
  • Electronic Devices
  • Analog Circuits
  • Digital Circuits
  • Control Systems
  • Communications
  • Electromagnetics

Click here to know the detailed concepts under these sections. Go through the syllabus from this list and identify the topics to be covered.

1.3 GATE ECE 2022 Marking Scheme

Apart from the exam pattern and syllabus, candidates need to be aware of the GATE marking scheme. Check the marking system here.

Question Types

Correct Marking Scheme

Negative Marking Scheme


1 or 2 Marks

1/3 Marks for 1 Mark Questions

2/3 Marks for 2 Mark Questions


1 or 2 Marks

No Negative Marking


1 or 2 Marks

No Negative Marking

Be careful while answering the MCQ-type questions. If you are not confident of the answer, leave the question out and start answering next without wasting time. After answering all questions, come back to the same, recall the topics, and choose the answer.

1.4 Choose Best Books & Study Materials

Amongst several authors and study materials, ensure to analyze the books and select the best books with concise information and a high level of understanding. You can also refer to multiple standards books to prepare for the GATE ECE Exam.

Some of the recommended Books for the GATE ECE Exam include:
  • Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg
  • Semiconductor devices by David Neamen
  • Digital Systems, Principles, and Applications by Tocci
  • Signals & System by Oppenheim & Schafer
  • Electronic Communication Systems - Kennedy and Davis
  • Principles of Electromagnetics by Mathew N.O. Sadiku
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by R. K. Jain
  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal

1.5 Make a Study Plan

Formulate a timetable by dividing the syllabus to make your prep process simple. You can set a total number of hours for every concept. Enhance your preparation by jotting down the highest priority concepts. Allot more hours to the chapters you find difficult in the comparison.
After studying for hours, you can take regular breaks to start the next topic. Make sure to schedule enough time for revising the topics and practice set questions. This allows you to stay on track and follow the schedule diligently.

1.6 Take Short Notes

While studying, you might have come across important details of the concept. You can mark down the key points in short notes or create flashcards to help you during revision. This will also help you to recall during the exam.

1.7 Solve Previous Years' Papers

Solving previous year's questions will give you a clear picture of the type of question, difficulty of the exam, repeated questions, and more. While solving the answers, you will identify the areas where you lack preparation.
Thus, solving past year's question papers makes you better equipped for the exam. Given below are some of the question papers. Download them and analyze your performance.

GATE ECE Exam Years

Question Paper


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Session 1: Download PDF

Session 2: Download PDF

1.8 Practice Mocks tests

Once you have completed the chapter, take mock tests as it helps analyze your time management, stronger or weaker subject areas, and more. Concentrate more on the weaker topics and make necessary notes or flashcards and revise frequently.
By attempting mock tests, you will be able to identify your mistakes and rework on them to not repeat the mistakes. Practicing the mock tests makes the candidates feel more confident during the exam.

Over to You
We hope the information presented in this article gives you a fair picture of the exam prep techniques. Understand the syllabus and try focusing on the easy concepts first to enhance your confidence. Ensure to give a minimum of 5-6 hours daily for the GATE ECE exam preparation.
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