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GATE Civil Engineering Subject-Wise Weightage

Are you gearing up for the GATE 2023 Civil Engineering Exam? Cracking the GATE CE Exam requires not just hard work but also the intellect to develop smart study plans. How to study smart for GATE CE, you ask? Analyzing the subject-wise weightage is one of the best ways to identify the important subjects and create an effective study strategy to improve your score.

While there are several subjects in the GATE CE syllabus, not all of them have equal importance. So, allocating more prep time for subjects that carry more weightage is a wise approach. To help you prepare efficiently for the GATE CE Exam and nudge you on the right path, we have composed detailed information on the GATE CE subject-wise weightage; continue reading to learn more.

GATE Civil Engineering Subject-Wise Weightage

1. GATE Civil Engineering Subject-Wise Weightage Subject-Wise Weightage

The GATE Civil Engineering paper includes 65 questions for a total of 100 marks. The questions are from 3 sections, namely

  • General Aptitude
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Civil Engineering Subjects

Usually, the General Aptitude section carries 15 marks, Engineering Mathematics section carries 13 marks, and questions from Civil Engineering subjects make up the remaining 72 marks.

GATE 2023 CE Subject-wise Weightage (Expected)
Subject NameMarks Weightage (Expected)
General Aptitude15
Engineering Mathematics13
Irrigation & Hydrology4
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics7
Environmental Engineering12
Structural Analysis4
Geotechnical Engineering12
Transportation Engineering8
Strength of Materials5
Design of Concrete Structures7
Steel Structures3
Construction Materials and Management3
Engineering Mechanics2
Geomatics Engineering5

2. Subject-wise Weightage for Previous Years' GATE CE Exams

The subject-wise weightage for the previous five years' GATE Civil Engineering Exam question papers is given below:

2.1 GATE Subject-wise Weightage for CE 2022

Subject NameMarks Weightage (Set 1 - FN Session)Marks Weightage (Set 2 - AN Session)
General Aptitude1515
Engineering Mathematics1313
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics88
Environmental Engineering1111
Structural Analysis66
Geotechnical Engineering1114
Transportation Engineering88
Strength of Materials33
Design of Concrete Structures85
Steel Structures22
Construction Materials and Management44
Engineering Mechanics02

2.2 GATE Subject-wise Weightage for CE 2021

Subject NameMarks Weightage (Set 1 - FN Session)Marks Weightage (Set 2 - AN Session)
General Aptitude1515
Engineering Mathematics1113
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics66
Environmental Engineering85
Structural Analysis62
Geotechnical Engineering1314
Transportation Engineering1111
Strength of Materials46
Design of Concrete Structures49
Steel Structures21
Construction Materials and Management63
Engineering Mechanics05

2.3 GATE Subject-wise Weightage for CE 2020

2.4 GATE Subject-wise Weightage for CE 2019

Subject NameMarks Weightage
General Aptitude15
Engineering Mathematics6
Discrete Mathematics7
Digital Logic9
Computer Organization and Architecture3
Programming and Data Structures12
Theory of Computation7
Compiler Design6
Operating System10
Computer Networks10

2.5 GATE Subject-wise Weightage for CE 2018

Subject NameMarks Weightage (Set 1 - FN Session)Marks Weightage (Set 2 - AN Session)
General Aptitude1515
Engineering Mathematics1013
Irrigation & Hydrology55
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics107
Geomatics Engineering44
Geotechnical Engineering1414
Environmental Engineering1010
Structural Analysis21
Transportation Engineering910
Design of Concrete Structures86
Steel Structures45
Construction Materials and Management01
Soil Mechanics7
Engineering Mechanics24

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - GATE Civil Engineering Subject-Wise Weightage

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding subject-wise weightage:

Apart from the General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics sections, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering are some key GATE CE topics. These subjects consistently had more weightage in the previous years' question papers.
The GATE CE question paper includes 3 question types, namely
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Multiple Select Questions (MSQs)
  • Numerical Answer Type Questions (NAT)
The weightage of General Aptitude section in GATE CE is 15 marks.
Yes, negative marking scheme applies to GATE CE Exam. Incorrect answers to MCQs will lead to mark deduction.
  • For 1-mark questions: 1/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer
  • For 2-mark questions: 2/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer
  • There is no negative marking for MSQ and NAT question types.
Out of the 65 questions, usually, 46 questions will be based on core Civil Engineering subjects. The Civil Engineering topics carry a weightage of 72 marks.
While preparing for GATE, checking the subject-wise weightage is crucial because it will give the applicants a clear idea of the important topics and helps you prepare accordingly. Focusing more on the higher-weightage subjects will help the candidates to score high in the GATE Exam.

Takeaway Thoughts

We hope the information presented in this article has given you some much-needed clarity on the GATE Civil subject-wise weightage. Please ensure you check the weightage split-up, as it can be beneficial during the GATE CE Exam preparation phase and help you make the most of your time and effort to get the desired result.

All the Best!!

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