How to Reappear for the GATE Exam After Your Failure on the First Attempt

  • 23 May, 2022
  • Sandhya S
How to Reappear for the GATE Exam After Your Failure on the First Attempt

GATE is one of the prestigious exams conducted for engineering graduates to open doors for opportunities like higher education, PSU jobs, research, and more. Unlike the number of students clearing the GATE with a high score, there are still a few students who fail to qualify the exam at the first attempt.

So, what will be the reason for the students to fail the exam? In this article, we will clarify them by providing a clear picture on the procedure to reattempt the exam and suggest some useful tips.

1. Reasons for Failing in the GATE Exam

Here are some reasons you may have failed the GATE exam on your first attempt.

1.1 Not Following Preparation Strategy

Preparation strategy includes knowing the exam syllabus, weightage, following the plan, taking up the mock tests, practice tests, and more. If you are devising for the exam without these basic preparation strategies, the probability is you will fail the exam inevitably.

1.2 Improper Study Routine

When you are taking 4-5 hours to study for the exam and not following the same often, you are bound to fail the exam. To avoid this situation, create a proper study routine and put your maximum effort to cover the complete syllabus.

1.3 Insufficient Study Resources

When you start preparing for the GATE, utilization of study materials is the essential thing that one needs to follow. There are numerous study materials available either online or authorized books that you can refer to study the concepts. If one fails to use the described author's books or any other relevant online study materials, your preparation might go in vain.

Get guidance and adequate study materials from your professors or immediate seniors.

1.4 Omitting the Topics

Another reason to fail the exam is students tend to omit some topics from the syllabus, thinking those topics are easy. However, some students may omit the topics that they find difficult to study.

So, one must avoid omitting the topics as all topics in the syllabus are fundamental. You can prioritize the topics as per their weightage and must cover the entire syllabus.

1.5 Neglecting Revision

Some students ignore revising the concepts they have studied as they think the time taken to prepare for the exam is more than enough. And in some cases, students may not find the time to revise the syllabus.

However, revising the entire syllabus is important to crack the GATE exam as it helps with students knowledge retention and familiarizes the concepts, key points, and more.

2. Procedure to Reattempt the Exam

If you are a candidate who is looking for a procedure to reattempt the exam, you have to wait for the next year to participate in the GATE exam. Aspirants should apply for the GATE exam on the official website by following the steps.

  • Candidate can apply for the upcoming GATE 2023 exam via the online mode.
  • Visit the GOAPS website and login using the credentials id and the password.
  • Candidates can start filling the application form. Select the number of papers to attempt the exam. (Note: A candidate can undertake maximum 2 papers)
  • Select the paper as the primary and the corresponding paper as a secondary paper.
  • Choose maximum three exam centers corresponding to your location.
  • Provide personal details like name, date of birth, father's name, phone number, email ID, address, nationality, gender.
  • Provide university details like name of university/college, university registration or college roll number, etc.,
  • Upload your signature, photo, ID proof, and select submit.
  • Final step is to pay the application fee.

3. GATE Preparation tips

Below are some tips to help you begin the preparation at early stages.

3.1 Identify the Reasons for the Failure and Mend It

The reason to fail your previous exam might be improper preparation strategy, study routine, and more from the list. Do not make the same mistakes twice, and start your preparation by knowing the syllabus and exam pattern well. Increase your study time by doubling it up compared to the previous attempt. For example, if you have studied for 4 hours in a day, you need to prepare well by making up to 8 hours. For every 2 hours take a 15-minute break by relaxing your mind, walking, stretching, etc.,

3.2 Proper Prioritization

When you start preparing for the exam, identify the important concepts first and know the weightage of the topics. Similarly, you need to do this for entire syllabus. Without prioritizing the concepts from the most to least important ones, the aspirant may find it difficult to prepare for the exam.

It is advisable not to ignore any topics while prioritizing, as every topic is important and there might be a high chance to expect the topic unlike the previous years.

3.3 Manage Time

Always start your preparation, say 6-8 months before the exam. You need to analyze the time to complete a chapter in a day and create a study plan according to it. Try to avoid staying in a single chapter for long hours. Make sure to complete them in 1-2 hours, take a break, and start the next chapter. This will save plenty of your time to concentrate on more chapters.

3.4 Attend the Class Lectures Effectively

If you have joined a coaching institute to prepare well and get a high score this time, you need to concentrate on their class lectures without skipping them. By missing some of the lectures, you might not understand the concepts, key points, important questions, and more. Attending these lectures will not only help you to score good grades but also to be thorough with the concepts.


This article highlights the procedure and tips to reattempt the GATE exam. Don't get discouraged if you fail the exam on your first attempt; these tips may come in handy for your next attempt. Move on with the perfect plan and prepare to obtain great GATE scores.

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