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Students enrolled with VISHWA will have to follow the norms and regulations of VISHWA failing which they might have to bear serious repercussions.

1. Fees payment:

The students are required to pay the full fees as mentioned in office at the time admission only.

* The fee should be paid through challan or DD or online payment only.
Note: Cheque payment is not accepted
2. Refund and replacement procedure:
*In case, if any student is not able to continue his / her classes due to any reasons, further replacement
*Refund is not allowed to the student.
*The students must understand that fee refund is a part the policy of VISHWA, and we strictly follow the refund rules & regulations as mentioned above.
3. ID. Card:
*Each student will be issued an  ID  card after the payment of full fees.  The entry of student into the classes or  VISHWA  premises will be allowed only with the  ID card. For attending the classes student is required to collect his/her ID card from admission department before starting the batch.
*Student without ID card of VISHWA, will not be allowed to enter inside the classroom in any circumstances.
*If the  ID card fees receipt of students is lost/misplaced then no duplicate IDcard /fees receipt is issued to him/his.
* Identify card fees receipt of students with full of caution and safety. It is a very important document and a proof of your association with VISHWA. The re-issuing of the identity card will depend on the discretion of the management, considering the circumstances in with the ID  card was lost.  Management’s   decision regarding the reissue will be final and unquestionable. If the management decides to re-issue the Duplicate ID card, the student will have to pay an amount of rs200 and one recent passport size photograph.
4. Change of batch:
*The batch, once allotted at the time of admission, will not be changed. Hence students are advised to discuss batch timings and dates with our counsellors  and accordingly join suitable batches convenience.
*Students enrolled under classroom courses will not be transferred or shifted to postal courses.
5. Study Material:
*Study material will be distributed to all the students at office counter. Students must collect their study material as and when the announcements are made. After the due dates, VISHWA will not be responsible for any issue related to study material.
*Study material will be issued at the office only after showing the ID Card &Entry of study material into ID card is compulsory.
*Study material is provided for the use of candidates who are enrolled with VISHWA  and it must not be sold or transferred to other candidates, under any circumstances.
6. Absenteeism:
Students must attend the classes and Test Series regularly in their assigned batches and as per the scheduled timetable only. Students will be solely responsible for their absenteeism from classes/Test series. In case of absenteeism. Permission to attend missed classes, in other batches, is subject to the discretion of management and availability of seats.
* In case of absence in Test Series, no separate question will be issued to the students.
7. General Instructions:
Students are advised to adequate discipline and sincerity within the premises of VISHWA. If anyone is found guilty of misbehaving with VISHWA staff or classmates, fighting or any other illegal activity will be debarred from attending classes and strict legal actions will be taken against him.
* VISHWA reserves the right to make any alterations in its programs/fees/faculty/venue of classes without any prior notice to anybody. However, all the changes will be well-notified to the students. The decision of VISHWA shall remain the final.
* If there is any change in the syllabus during the course of the program, the institute will make all the possible efforts to cover the revised syllabus. However, it is not mandatory binding upon the institute.
*  Vishwa continuously put the efforts to complete 100% of course. However due to time constraints, faculty constraints & any other constraints, sometimes it may be possible to complete the whole syllabus. Hence, students are requested to seriously consider this matter before taking the admission.
 Rules & Regulations
a) Every student is expected to maintain discipline in and outside the classroom. In case of violation of any of the rules & regulation or regulations or discipline, the Institute reserves the right to dismiss any student without refund of fee.
b) All students  are required  to bring identify card daily in the study material will be given through ID card only.
c) VISHWA reserves the right to make any alterations in its programs/fee/faculty/venue of classes without any prior notice to anybody. However, all the changes will be informed to the students accordingly.
d) The batch once allotted at the time of admission will be not be changed.
e) Students enrolled under classroom courses will not be transferred or shifted to the postal course.
f) VISHWA students are required to submit a photocopy of their IES&GATE admit card.
g) It is mandatory to attach two photographs & a copy of  ID  proofs with the form at the of admission.(The name  and  photo  of candidate may be published in the list of successful candidates in current or future sessions for promotions of institute).
i) The fee will not be refundable in any circumstance.
j) The students can not get his/her seat replaced with any new student.
k)"Cash Prizes and scholarships are applicable to only those students who take the admission for GATE-2019 at VISHWA".
L)"Existing students or  Students who are already admitted for GATE 2019 Program at Vishwa  are not  eligible for "Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM Scholarship Test For GATE 2019 And 2020"Test  .


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    "I am happy that there is as very good institute which serves and understands student’s needs and does not word solely for business motives."
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    "Study material provided at VISHWA is well organized and questions were planned to meet the structure of GATE questions which relieved my pressure in exam."
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    "Revision classes conducted in presence of faculty after the regular class work helped me in securing this rank. I thank VISHWA on this regard"
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    "Online tests of VISHWA helped me a lot to secure good score in GATE. Questions framed in online tests of VISHWA were well organized; practicing them boosted my confidence."
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    "Faculty at VISHWA are highly experienced. Though I was not very good at concepts they made me understand the subject with their easy approach without which I couldn’t have secured this rank"
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    "It's being an amazing experience. The faculty are very supportive and cordial. Their teaching techniques are really good and they always make sure that students are engaged in their classes by maintaining interest."
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    "Iam satisfied in vishwa..faculty is very good more experienced teaches us well and understandable.. but expecting more from them to acheive my goals"
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    "i felt classes are good.we are expecting practiece sessions also. faculty is good for engineering subjects.. but for apptitude i didn not satisfied with the staff."
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    "I felt that easy to understanding the concepts after this class.i learn some new topics after this class which i don't know...."
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    "i felt very easy after experiencing classes in vishwa its totally different from our academic classes i have to be thankful to vishwa because they are providing good quality without even thinking about the fee. and even i appreciate the faculty the way they are teaching... superb really thnku so much vishwa...!! :)"
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    "I m from RGUKT nuzvid..... gud faculty and teaching very well...explanation is very well."
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    "The way of teaching of faculties is very well . I had gain lot of tips and short cuts for gate . Not only study knowledge but also i got about my career . They taught us as a good guide. "
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    "Teaching faculty was good , monthly mock test need to be conducted , power system subject need to be improved"
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